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Triple Productions is specialized in the creation and production of adult content. We work for a diversity of clients in Europe and always open for new opportunities and colloboration. For more information about what we can do for your organisation, please read below.

Creating film is an form of art, which is often neglated.
Creating adult content is a even more difficult art form, since you need not only film a story and the emotion, but also bring naked people in a most vulnerable position beautifully to the viewer.....

Our Services

Triple Productions can provide locations, camera-equipment, camera-crews, editors, makeup artists, castings, but also script-writers, directors and executive producers. 

Video productions

Video productions (full from concept to finished product) or any of the underlying jobs, like camera-work, make-up, conception of ideas and scripts, editting and color correction/color grading, publishing on DVD, Web or membership-websites

photo shoots

Photoshoots for models (nude, erotic or adult) for females, males and couples. 

concept creation

Idea, concept creation and production of labels and brands. In case you want to concive a brand new concept, format or idea, we can think along to help you conciving this idea and work from idea to pilot to project. 

educational campaigns

DVD or interactive video for sexual information and education. This can vary from educational support to young adults, adults with certain insecurities but also as educational guideness to help man understand women beter. 

Our History

The adult entertainment industry in Europe is growing in the past couple of years, since the industry searched new grounds and talent since this market was primairly dominated by US companies. In the Netherlands only a handful companies are working in the specific field, while this industry is fully legalized. 

In 2011 the owners decided it was time to start up their own production company, since they envisioned a high-level level of production of adult content and since 2015 they have attracted a new team which helped the company to further improve the level of quality. 

Not only do we create content for our own publishing companies, but we also produce content for other publishers and studio's. Sometimes we provide models or casting-services, mostly we also provide a production crew and in some cases also the delivery of the website and ready-for-publication productions, by editting and color-correcting and color-grading end products.

We do not only create hardcore productions, but soft core productions (suitable for broadcasting) as well, and our professional team can advice and help new models, provide portfolios, assist with photoshoots and consult with possible clients (publishers, other studio's and ...) which models, formats would work best.

If you want to know how we can help your company to grow, please do not hestitate to contact us!

Our Team

John Adams

Executive Director

As founder, John started this company nearly 8 years ago. He is not only a experienced performer (+/- 300 movies), but also a experienced producer and director. He can also brainstorm about new concepts and ideas you envision. 

Ivey Passion

Creative Director

As co-owner and experienced perfomer (12+ years experience and > 250 movies) Ivey is not only our creative heart and soul, but also one of our most creative script-writers and mostly occupied by scouting and casting new models. 


Office Management

Sarah recently joined our team, as we were to busy creating content, to keep our office neat and organised. Not only physically but also digitally. She will be the primary contact for bookings, productions and new models. She will make sure everything on set is ready to roll!



As with every company, we have to keep records (US 2257) and to do bookkeeping to have our administration in proper order. Debbie is also responsible for keeping our accounts receivable and accounts payable up-to-date.


Production Lead

Michael joined our team back in 2016 and since then has become our production lead. As a experienced camera man, he knows how to run a production set and make sure everything and everybody is ready to "roll the cameras"



Richard is our lead photographer and able to create beautiful photos of our models and sets. Beside being a genuine photo artist, he is also one of our steady camera-crew members. 


Years in business







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